Sushi for Picky Eaters

Sushi for Picky Eaters – The COMPLETE Guide!

You want Sushi, but you want to avoid bringing your picky children or significant other into a sushi bar—no need to worry. I will show you how to introduce Sushi to picky eaters of any age.

You can start by looking at the food you or the other person eats regularly.

What Sushi To Choose For Picky Eaters?

For example, most people like tuna fish sandwiches, I do. For this reason, people who have never had Sushi or are picky eaters will often be recommended a spicy tuna wrap.

Tuna is “recognizable” by almost everyone. Fresh tuna is a great way to introduce people to Sushi. My first suggestion for Sushi that picky eaters should try is a spicy tuna.

It’s delicious and familiar. If they’re not a fan of spicy food, you can always go for a regular tuna roll. You can get tuna in a can or create the Sushi yourself. But why would you?

I suggest serving them warm or cooked if they are even more picky. Some people are afraid of raw fish. Why not tell them that it’s cooked and suggest something else? As they begin to discover the wonders of Sushi, you can slowly introduce them to raw sashimi or a sashimi one day.

The California Roll Is One Of The Most Popular Rolls

It’s made up of cooked imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, and rice wrapped in nori seaweed. This is another super-simple roll that looks and tastes great. There’s nothing to make anyone question what they are putting in their mouth.

Next, choose something with shrimp. It’s no surprise that most people love shrimp. So, convincing them to try a sushi roll with shrimp-like Volcano Sushi or a Boston Roll isn’t tricky—no raw-food phobias here, as the shrimp are cooked.

Allergy or dislike shellfish? Philadelphia Rolls (Smoked Salmon Sushi) is a great option. If you love salmon, this is a good option. It has a little cream cheese, some cucumber, and a wrap of soy paper.

Do you have a picky eater who loves fried food? Try Fried Sushi Rolls. They’re more like Tempura. You choose a sushi roll and add Tempura to it. Then, deep fry the whole thing. It is a great place to start if you want deep-fried chicken with your Sushi. 

Just do not freeze your Sushi.

Still trying to figure out Sushi? Try something vegan first. These rolls contain no raw meat or seafood. You can use carrots, bell peppers, and cucumbers. Add some pickled ginger for some extra flavor. You can also add a little wasabi to spice up the food if your kids like it spicy.

You can also convince picky eaters of Sushi by showing them the wonderful sides and sauces available. Wasabi, soy, eel, and ginger sauces are all great options. Some people can benefit from these.

I wouldn’t say I like to use soy sauce with my Sushi. I prefer to taste my food without any condiments. If you want things spicy, mix some wasabi with soy sauce. If you find the taste of fishy Sushi too strong, it will help to balance it out.

Remember that what you drink with Sushi is also essential. 

Use our guide to find the perfect drink pairing.

Last tip: If you want to encourage a child who is a picky diner to try Sushi, make it fun. Teach them how to use chopsticks. Children think it’s cool to eat with chopsticks.

Be patient, as it takes some practice to use chopsticks properly. It might make your child so interested that they stop focusing on what they’re eating and instead focus on the fun.
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