Sushi Sides

6 Lip Smacking Sushi Sides

Sushi is a delicious culinary delight that should be enjoyed with tasty sides. Before you go to a sushi restaurant in St. Petersburg FL, it is crucial that you know the best combination of sushi sides alongside sushi. There are many ways to enjoy sushi. These six mouth-watering sushi sides will allow you to enjoy sushi in a variety of ways.

1. Miso Soup

Miso soup without sushi is just as bad as sushi without rice. The soup is made up of miso paste and dashi, both of which are essential in Japanese cuisine. This soup is made by boiling seaweed (also known as kombu) in water, and then adding red or white miso paste. The soup is slightly sweetened by the umami flavor of the seaweed. This is the best sushi side that can be found in many sushi restaurants in St Pete.

2. Wasabi

Wasabi, a spice similar to horseradish, is used in Japanese cuisine. It is made from the roots of several plants grown in Japan. The sushi is more exciting because of its spicy, acidic taste. Its strong flavor helps to increase one’s appetite, reduce the fish smell, and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.

3. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce has seen a rise in popularity due to sushi. It’s is made from fermenting soybeans with yeast and salt for several weeks. This condiment can be used to cook many Asian dishes. It can also be used in stews, fried rice, or marinades. Soy sauce enhances the flavor of sushi and does not mask it.

4. Gari Or Pickled Ginger

Gari is a condiment made of pickled ginger root. It’s used in Japanese cuisine, and tastes very similar to ginger. It is mildly flavorful and can be eaten with sushi or rice to make your meal more crunchy. It is a palate cleanser. Gari reduces fish odor and enhances food flavor. It prepares you to enjoy your next bite of sushi which makes it one of the best sushi sides.

5. Wakame Salad

Wakame, also known by the name sea asparagus, is a seaweed that grows in green. It’s grown in Japan’s warm regions and is often served separately. There are two types of wakame salads. Goma Wakame is rich and savory, which enhances the sushi flavor, particularly tuna. Wakame Kyuri tastes similar to a cucumber.

6. Tempura

When it comes to sushi sides, tempura, a deep-fried Japanese food, is very popular. It can be made from seafood, meat, or vegetables. You can either place tempura on sushi, or you can eat it with rice. Tempura can be very oily so it is best to not eat too many. Sushi with tempura adds extra crunch to the dish and a slight smoky flavor.


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