Healthy Sushi Rolls

Healthy Sushi Rolls You Should Try

No matter if you are a St Petersburg resident or just visiting, there is no reason to not enjoy the city’s culinary scene. There are many international cuisines in St Petersburg, but healthy sushi rolls are one of the most popular. For those who are concerned about their health or have dietary restrictions, sushi rolls in St Petersburg can be a great option. Find out which healthy sushi rolls are the best in St Petersburg if you’re looking to satisfy your sushi cravings or try something new.

1. Tuna Roll

The classic sushi roll known as the tuna roll (or tuna maki) is a favorite in St Petersburg. It has been popularized over time. Tuna rolls are made from tuna slices, and then encased with sushi rice. It is one of the more calorie-dense rolls than salmon or mackerel rolls. Tuna rolls have 184 calories and 2g of fat. As toppings, you can add rice or nori seaweed.

2. California Roll

The California roll is made with a mixture of shrimp and avocado. It has more calories and less fat than the tuna or mackerel rolls. California rolls can have up to 260 calories. The California roll is often served at St Petersburg’s sushi restaurants with extra cheese or cream cheese. This is a great choice for after-dinner sushi rolls because it contains 9 grams of protein.

3. Spicy Tuna Roll

A spicy tuna roll is a sushi wrap with minced tuna and red chili sauce. The spicy tuna roll is named after its hot flavors. It contains avocado, crab meat, and mayonnaise. The tuna roll has 290 calories, 11g of fat, 26 carbs, and 24g of protein.

4. Philadelphia Roll

The Philadelphia roll is made with cream cheese, rice, chopped onions, green peppers and cream cheese. The Philadelphia roll, which is a Philadelphia-based recipe, is low in calories and high on flavor. It has only 320 calories. Sushi Inc. in St Petersburg serves a Philadelphia roll with crab meat as its main ingredient.

5. Rainbow Roll

The colorful rainbow roll tastes just like a California roll, as its name suggests. All its ingredients give it its color. Rainbow rolls are made with salmon, tuna and red snapper slices, on top of seaweed sheets. The rainbow roll is only 368 calories in total and has 9 grams of fat. The rainbow roll is a fun and delicious sushi option in St Petersburg.

6. Naruto Rolls

The Naruto Roll is a combination of cream cheese and seafood. Avocado and cucumber are also included in the sushi roll. It is delicious and only 110 calories. This is one of the lighter rolls available. It’s great for light meals with lots of texture, flavor, and fiber. The Naruto Roll is made up of imitation crab meat, salmon, tuna and yellowtail snapper.

7. Salmon Avocado Roll

This classic St Pete sushi roll doesn’t change from its roots. It is lighter than some other sushi rolls, at 304 calories per roll. It features salmon slices on nori sheets, bamboo mats and avocado garnished with lemon juice and soy sauce.

There are many options for sushi in St Petersburg FL, whether you want a traditional or healthy version. Sushi Inc. is your best choice for healthy sushi in St Petersburg FL.

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