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Ginger. Wasabi. Soy Sauce: St Petersburg sushi condiments

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced sushi-eater or newbie. There’s always a debate about ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi.

The big question is to mix soy sauce and wasabi sauce for your sushi. Or, what about the ginger. Different people might have different answers. This is where we come in.

Many people try different ways to add wasabi to St Petersburg sushi. They dip it in soy sauce and mix it with the soy sauce. Some also use the pickled ginger as a palate cleanser. Others have mastered the art of using chopsticks. Which one is right?

Chopsticks are not necessary and sushi can be eaten with your fingers, unless you prefer fine dining. You’re in luck, because we’re next to cover the correct dipping technique.

To Mix Wasabi Or Not? That’s the Real Question

Even if your sushi isn’t technically correct, such as mixing bits of wasabi in your soy sauce, it won’t cause you to be kicked out of a restaurant.

You will, however, be disrespecting the chef who created these delicious morsels. You can also affect the taste and experience of eating sushi.

Mixing these ingredients can change the flavor of the dish. This is particularly true and quite insulting when the soy sauce is made on-site rather than being purchased from a local supermarket. To complement the sushi, a specially prepared soy sauce is used. Changing the flavor of the sauce will cause it to lose its balance.

The same applies to wasabi. You can buy it ready-made or store-bought. The latter is prepared with the greatest care to complement your meal. It is important to enjoy your meal as the chef intended.

The Ginger Pickle

Ginger completes the trio of condiments for sushi. Do you add it to the soy sauce and put it on top of your sushi piece? Or do you eat it as a side dish?

The ginger’s purpose is to cleanse the palate between each sushi dish. The St Petersburg sushi chef at Sushi Inc. may add ginger to the dish if it is to be a main flavor.

How do you do it?

To add wasabi to sushi, you can simply rub a little on each side, then flip the sushi over and dip in your soy sauce. You can also add a bit of ginger to your food, allowing it to be in your mouth as you eat.

Sushi Inc.

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