A Brief History Of Chopsticks

You’ve probably used chopsticks when you ate at Sushi Inc. in Downtown St Pete. Chopsticks are a fascinating part of American history, even though you might not have thought about it. We encourage you to continue reading if you are curious. This popular eating tool might give you a new appreciation.

Humble Beginnings

Although historians differ on the exact date of their invention, it is believed that chopsticks were first invented 5,000 years ago in the Ancient Chinese Empire. It was necessity, like many inventions throughout history that led to this device being created. China’s vast majority began to put pressure on its resources. The result was that the population ate smaller amounts of food. Confucius, one of the greatest philosophers ever, strongly supported the product. These utensils are best for eating vegetables and rice, as Confucius believed knives were too associated with meat and the slaughterhouse. The utensil was dubbed “quick little guys” and gained widespread popularity in Asia over the years.

Further Development

Popularity spread to Japan and Korea as well as Viet Nam. Chopstick became a popular term in Japan, Korea, and Viet Nam. Bamboo chopsticks were first used by the Japanese around 1000 AD. Chopsticks were used in Japan only for religious ceremonies up until then. The Japanese believe in practicality. However, Ancient China’s ruling dynasties had chopsticks made from Jade and other costly materials. Disposable chopsticks first appeared in 1878 as a result of the industrial revolution.

Modern Etiquette

Although the design and materials for chopsticks has changed over time, the correct way to use them remains the same. You should hold them with your right hand and not the left. This is a result of the belief that the left side was only for washing and not for eating. You won’t accidentally bump into the next diner. It is quite common in western dining to use a fork to eat your food. This is a bad idea. It is considered bad manners to serve sushi with a chopstick.

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