What is Sushi

What Is Sushi? And What Does It Mean to Japanese People?

The popular food of sushi is well-known all over the globe. But what is Japanese sushi? Many foreigners associate sushi with Japan because of its strong image.

If you love sushi from Japan, do you wonder how Japanese people feel about it? Do they eat it in their daily lives? Perhaps you are wondering if eating sushi is important? This article will explain what sushi is, and how it affects Japanese people.

1. Sushi for Japanese People?

If you ask someone what their favorite food is, most will answer with sushi. This is because sushi is associated with special occasions and expensive tastes. What does Japan think about this?

You will find a variety of sushi restaurants on Japan’s streets. There are both reasonably priced conveyor-belt and more expensive sushi bars that you can order right from the bar.

What does sushi mean to Japanese people? Sushi is a popular fast food.

United States = Burgers


England = Fish and Chips

Germany = currywurst, which is a curry-flavored sausage

Italy=Panzerotti, which is deep-fried bread

New Zealand=meat pie

Korea= Tteokbokki

China = Chinese steamed buns

Sushi can be eaten quickly and easily by people who are in a rush. Sushi takes only 15-30 minutes to complete, which is much faster than a full meal that includes appetizers and desserts.

This is what could happen if two Japanese friends decide where to eat lunch.

Japanese friend A: What should we eat for lunch? Do you have any food cravings?

Japanese friend B: Hmm, difficult to choose. Not sure what I want right now.

Japanese friend A: What about having sushi at Sushi Inc. on the corner of this street?

Japanese friend B: Sounds delicious. Let’s go to the restaurant and have some food. Now I feel like I can eat salmon sushi.

Japanese friend A: Yes, me too. That’s what I want.

What do you do when you are stuck for ideas?

2. What is sushi as a Culture in Japan

According to some, sushi was first consumed by Japanese people around the Edo period (1603-1868). It all began with the mass production and consumption of soy sauce. This was a significant breakthrough for Japan. The combination of raw fish and soy sauce preserves the freshness. Many sushi chefs from Tokyo returned to their hometowns after the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923. Hand-rolled sushi became increasingly popular in Japan.

Different Types Of Sushi Fish

Japanese people eat sushi quite often in Japan. It is usually about 2 to 3 times per month. Many Japanese families with children visit sushi restaurants (mainly conveyor belt) to share their love of sushi without having to spend too much. Sushi is considered healthy and delicious. It contains healthy ingredients like vinegar, fish high in DHA, shellfish and rice rich in vitamin B and E.

What is your average number of times you go to Japan for sushi? Many foreigners enjoy eating sushi on weekends, especially in Tokyo, where Omotesando Shibuya Shinjuku are some of the most popular spots.

Why is sushi so important for Japanese people?

These are the main reasons:

1. Japanese people eat fast and don’t need to wait long at the table.

2. Fresh fish is available to Japanese citizens all year round. It is healthier than junk food like potato chips and high-calorie burgers.

3. Sometimes it can be cheaper than buying fresh fish in Japan’s supermarkets. Sometimes it is better to eat sushi at a restaurant than trying to get fresh, delicious and affordable fish every day.

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