Sushi Terms

Sushi Terms Glossary For Newbies

When looking over the sushi menu at Sushi Inc, voted best sushi in the Bay area, things can get a little confusing and you might need some assistance with some of the sushi terms. Sushi Inc DTSP is a vibrant Japanese restaurant & bar in downtown St.Petersburg Fl. Residents love our award-winning, fresh and creative Sushi rolls, Nigiri, and Sashimi. With a larger selection of tempura, non-Sushi and teriyaki options, we can accommodate every taste.Traditional sushi lovers can enjoy the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth body-temperature rice with soft-fish Nigiri and hand rolls with crispy nori. Our “build it yourself” option allows you to get top-quality sushi at a reasonable price. A section with a la carte is also available that will take guests on a culinary adventure that includes hand rolls, nigiris, and chef-selected appetizers.

One of the most intimidating things about delving into sushi is the language and terminology. Get to know the terms and ingredients with this helpful glossary!

Sushi Terms

  • Agemono

Fried food

  • Daikon

Giant, long white radish

  • Dashi

Fish stock

  • Edamame


  • Futomaki

Fat roll

  • Fukusa Sushi

A type of sushi that’s wrapped in a crepe

  • Gari

Pickled ginger

  • Gobo

Burdock root

  • Goma

Sesame seeds

  • Hijiki

Black seaweed

  • Inari Sushi

Aburage stuffed with sushi rice

  • Kappa


  • Kombu


  • Maki Sushi

A sushi roll with rice on the outside

  • Murasaki

Soy sauce

  • Nasu


  • Negi

A Japanese onion

  • Nigiri Sushi

A slice of fish or other toppings on a ball of rice

  • Kampyo

Dried gourd strips

  • Nori

Roasted seaweed sheet

  • Norimaki

A roll with nori on the outside

  • Okonomi-zushi

Home-style nigiri sushi

  • Onigiri

Rice balls with various stuffings

  • Oshi-zushi

Sushi rice and other ingredients pressed into a box or mold

  • Oshinko

Pickled vegetables

  • Ponzu

Citrus/Soy sauce made with Yuzu

  • Roe

Fish eggs put on top of sushi rolls to add color and texture

  • Sashimi

Sliced or prepared raw fish

  • Shoyu

Japanese soy sauce

  • Su

Seasoned rice wine vinegar

  • Sumitomo

Cucumber salad

  • Sunomono

Pickled foods

  • Surimi

Imitation crab or lobster meat made with fish paste

  • Sushi

Anything made with vinegar rice

  • Tamago


  • Takenoko

Bamboo shoots

  • Takuan

Pickled daikon radish

  • Tataki

Finely chopped

  • Tazuna Sushi

A roll with diagonal strips of food across the top.

  • Tempura


  • Temaki

Hand rolls

  • Tsukemono


  • Wakame

Lobe-leaf seaweed in strands

  • Yuzu

Japanese lemon

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We hope this sushi terms guide will help you in your time of need when it comes to authentic Japanese sushi lingo. We at Sushi Inc. are also quite adept at explaining whatever questions you might have so feel free to ask! There is always more to come with new services, menu updates, and events. Many more are on the horizon for this downtown St. Pete sushi staple. To discover everything Sushi Inc. has to offer, visit us at Sushi Inc. You won’t regret it …Guaranteed. Contact us today to set your reservation or if you have any questions. When setting any reservations, please inform us of any allergies you might have and ask for alternative options. Check out our menu and daily specials you won’t be disappointed with our #1 voted and reviewed sushi in the Bay area. Thank you for choosing Sushi Inc.

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