How to Host a Sushi Party

How to Host a Sushi Party

How to Host a Sushi Party?

How to host a sushi party? This tutorial is a bit different from most others because I will not be teaching a specific recipe for sushi, but rather how to host your own sushi party. It’s a lot of fun to host a sushi party for family and friends.

Here is a list of what you’ll need, along with a timetable for when to prepare your sushi rolls.

What You Need to Know:

  • Rice Cooker
  • Hangiri
  • Makisu
  • Short or medium grain White Rice
  • Su (rice wine vinegar + sugar + salt)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Plate (Small plates made of wood, glass, or plastic are best).
  • Sauce Bottles
  • Wasabi
  • Ginger
  • Soy Sauce
  • Small Sauce Cups for dipping sushi in soy sauce
  • Drink Pitcher
  • Plates (preferably wood or paper)
  • Cups (preferably made of paper)
  • Napkins
  • Chopsticks
  • To-go boxes
  • You will need the following ingredients to make your sushi recipes.


Appetizers are a great addition to a sushi party! Make Sushi Inc or gyoza with your sushi. It adds a little variety to the meal and gives guests an alternative option if they don’t like the recipe you are preparing for the sushi party. Someone who doesn’t like raw fish.

Sushi Inc makes a great finger food, is easy to prepare, and affordable. I recommend boiling the frozen Sushi Inc for about 5 minutes.

You should only heat the frozen beans up by boiling them. If you don’t want to serve spicy food to your guests, you can sprinkle some salt over your Sushi Inc instead.

It takes a bit more effort to prepare but is worth it. I use my electric pan to cook large quantities of gyoza in a single batch. Add a little oil to a pan or skillet over high heat. I like to use sesame. Then add your gyoza to the pan and brown it on both sides. Once the gyoza is browned, cover it with water.

Then, bring the water to a rolling boil. Let the gyoza boil in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain the water, and then remove the gyoza with a pair of tongs.

Types Of Sushi Parties

The two categories of sushi parties are: prepared ahead and prepared at the party by guests.

The most versatile sushi parties are those that can be prepared in advance. They can be used for any type of dinner party. You can either take the sushi to the party if it is hosted by someone else or make sushi yourself for the party you are hosting.

This is great for potlucks and birthdays. It’s also good for pool parties, Thanksgiving, or even Thanksgiving dinner! I host “Friendsgiving”, where friends bring their leftover Thanksgiving food and we eat together, play board games and enjoy the company. Sushi may not seem like a good addition to a Thanksgiving theme but it is a huge hit!

Sushi prepared by the guests themselves is a unique event. Invite some friends over to make sushi together. It’s especially fun when everyone is on the same level of experience. If a few friends are willing to share their knowledge, that can also be a fun idea for a sushi party!

Prepare Sushi In Advance

You can choose the recipes that you want to serve at your sushi party. I try to prepare 3-4 recipes for each party, 1 or two simple rolls and 1 or 2, fancier rolls. I make sure to have at least one recipe that uses raw ingredients and one with completely cooked seafood.

Sushi Party Timeline

Here Is the Order in Which I Host a Sushi Party.
  1. How to wash & cook sushi rice
  2. Lay out ingredients on a cutting board
  3. Cut the vegetables
  4. Mix the sauces
  5. Prepare the other ingredients, such as seafood, fish, etc. )
  6. Cool & season the sushi rice
After You Have All Your Ingredients Ready, It’s Time to Roll. I Have a Slightly Longer Timeline and a Different Set of Steps for Making Sushi for Large Groups:
  1. Prepare your sushi plates.
  2. If you are planning to use garnishes for your dish, prepare them beforehand.
  3. Do not cut any of your sushi, just roll them.
  4. Slice the rolls using one recipe at a time.
  5. Arrange the rolls in the same order on your plates/platters
  6. Top your rolls. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until you have plated and topped all of the rolls.
How to Host a Sushi Party

Sushi Prepared by the Guests

Prepare a list of recipes that you and your guests would like to prepare. I try to prepare 1 or 2 recipes for each party, 1 simple roll and one fancier roll. Choose one recipe that uses cooked seafood, and at least another with raw ingredients.

Sushi Party Timeline
This is the order that I follow when hosting a party for sushi:

  1. How to wash & cook sushi rice
  2. Lay out ingredients on a cutting board

Cut the vegetables Mix the sauces Prepare the other ingredients, such as seafood, fish, etc. Cool & season the sushi rice. You are now ready to roll. It is important to have all the ingredients ready before your guests arrive. I recommend at least two sushi-rolling stations. Divide the ingredients of a recipe evenly among the stations. This is the best way to show your guests how to prepare the recipe. Invite your guests to come up and make their own roll, from the beginning. After your guest finishes their roll, ask them to clean their rolling station. Repeat these steps after all your guests have completed the first recipe!

Continue making sushi with the leftover ingredients until they are all used.

Keep a few take-out boxes handy in case guests aren’t able to eat the sushi. I recommend using eco-friendly to-go containers.

Sushi Parties Are a Great Way to Entertain Your Friends!

It’s okay if your first sushi party is a little bumpy. They get better every time. Comment below to let me know about your party.

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