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Dining And Etiquette Tips For Japanese Restaurants In St Petersburg FL

Sushi is perhaps the most popular Japanese dish. This delicious combination of raw fish and seasoned rice is topped with delicious toppings. This iconic Japanese dish doesn’t require you to travel to Japan. You can find delicious sushi all around the globe. You can find delicious sushi at Sushi Inc, voted one of the best japanese restaurants in st petersburg FL.

Our restaurant is very relaxed. Although our restaurant is a Florida restaurant, the atmosphere and decor are not meant to be a formal dining experience. We don’t expect you will follow Japanese restaurant protocol. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Japan, and indulge in some of the best cuisines on the planet, it is worth learning Japanese dining etiquette. Do you know how to tip? How do you give compliments? How to use chopsticks correctly? You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to use chopsticks properly.

Let’s dive into these tips:

  1. It should probably be obvious, but greet your host upon entering a restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Japanese but a cordial smile and friendly gesture will suffice.
  2. You can use the warm towel, referred to as an oshibori, that you receive upon your arrival to wash your hands. You should not use it to clean your face or any other parts of your body. After you’ve done that, roll it up the way it was given to and then put it aside.
  3. Do not rub chopsticks together. It can be rude to the Japanese restaurant as it could signal that you don’t value their utensils.
  4. Don’t leave your chopsticks in the food. This is akin to a funeral ceremony. Lay them flat on your bowl, or place them on the chopsticks rest. After you’ve finished eating, place your chopsticks in the paper cover if you received them that way.
  5. It is a popular practice among sushi connoisseurs in the U.S., but never add wasabi to your soy sauce plate. This is considered poor manners. Instead, you should place some wasabi directly on the roll or under your fish if you wish to use it.
  6. Nigiri is a thin slice made of fish and vinegar rice. It can be difficult to eat with chopsticks. It is okay to eat Nigiri with your hands.
  7. We should also mention that while it’s fine to eat Nigiri with your hands but not sashimi, you shouldn’t. This Japanese dish is best served with chopsticks.
  8. When you share a dish, or take something from someone else’s plate and you want to touch the food with the other side of your chopsticks, it is a good idea to flip your chopsticks upside-down.
  9. Try to eat sushi in one bite. You shouldn’t cut sushi in half.
  10. Never point at anyone using your chopsticks and never pass food between chopsticks. These behaviors are rude.
  11. Slurping soup with gusto is acceptable and considered good taste. This is why you will hear a lot of slurps when you visit a ramen shop or noodle shop in Japan.
  12. Gari is a pickled ginger that’s not meant to be used as a sushi topping. It is meant to be used as a palate cleanser and eaten by itself.
  13. You can use a spoon to eat miso soup, but it is acceptable to pick up the bowl and savor it by picking it up.
  14. You should not pour your own drinks if you’re eating with others. You should pour your drink to your friends and they should do it for you.
  15. Japan does not practice tipping. Don’t be surprised if your waiter chases you down to get the tip you forgot. Some sushi bars will offer a special tip jar if you’re really impressed by your meal. Perhaps the best tip is to say “domo arigato”, or thank you, for your meal. Alternatively, you might buy your sushi chef and yourself some sake to share and enjoy it together.
  16. Small money trays can be used to pay for meals in Japan’s stores. Restaurants are also subject to this rule. Do not try to give money to the waiter. Instead, place your cash on the tray.
  17. Be sure to compliment your Japanese chef if you are happy with the Japanese food. Sushi chefs spend a lot of time creating the perfect rice to pair with fresh fish. Recognizing their efforts can make your meal more enjoyable and help you have a memorable dining experience.

However, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Many Japanese restaurants in St Petersburg Fl will give foreigners a pass. While you won’t be considered a savage for not following these rules, it is possible to show respect and build relationships with your host country.

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