Type Of Sushi

Different Type Of Sushi To Try

Sushi has become a popular cuisine over the years. Many countries and restaurants have created their own versions. There are so many options for sushi, it can be difficult to decide which one to try. These are the most popular sushi options worldwide, and they are all delicious.


Sashimi is basically thinly sliced raw seafood slices. Although it may seem easy to prepare, it is actually quite difficult to prepare. To ensure that the seafood is perfectly cut, there is a method. Sashimi, which is simply raw seafood, is the best way to enjoy sushi. Sashimi can be enjoyed either as a meal or with soy sauce.


Nigiri sushi is made from a portion of hand-pressed white rice and topped with one piece of seafood. This type of sushi has raw seafood as the star, but rice plays an important role in the preparation. Rice is used to enhance the flavors and give the dish a rich texture and depth. A medium-fatty tuna, known as Chutoro or otoro and a fatty tuna, known as unagi, which is eel, are some of the most popular toppings for Nigiri.

Type Of Sushi


Maki is the traditional form of sushi most known. This sushi is made from nori (or seaweed sheets) on the outside. To contain all the ingredients, the nori wraps around sushi rice. There are many types of Maki sushi. You can choose from raw or cooked varieties. You can also add fried shrimp to your sushi with some sauces.


Although maki and Urumaki are similar types of sushi to each other, the main difference between them is their composition. Urumaki is a type of sushi roll made from inside-out. The rice is rolled from one end to the other with nori on the outside and the fillings inside. Uramaki, like maki, is a popular type of sushi. You can also enjoy this type of sushi in many different varieties.

Type Of Sushi


Temaki is one of the special types of sushi. While most sushi should be eaten with chopsticks, temaki can be enjoyed using your hands. Temaki, a type of sushi that is conical in shape, has rice and fillings that are rolled up using nori sheets. It can be customized and is considered a unique form of sushi due to the variety of ingredients and how it’s served. Temaki is served in a cone-shaped container that can be inserted into a cup or placed on a plate.

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