Types of Sushi

9 Types Of Sushi You’ll Find In Japan

The thing all sushi has in common is a single ingredient: the slightly vinegary rice preparation known as sushi-meshi. It should come as no surprise that the dish’s homeland of Japan is host to a wide variety of types, from the fanciest Edo-style sushi to casual, homemade chirashizushi. Discover 9 types of sushi you’ll come across in Japan.

1. Nare Sushi / Narezushi

Narezushi was the predecessor of modern sushi. You can still find these throughout Japan, especially in Shiga prefecture, where a local version, funazushi is available. This dish is made up of fish that has been fermented for many years in rice and salt. Although you can serve small portions of fermented rice alongside the sushi, the unique texture, appearance, and taste of this dish make it one of the most distinctive.

2. Inari Sushi / Inarizushi

Inari sushi is a type of seasoned, fried tofu called inari-age stuffed with sushi rice. Also, Inari sushi is believed to have been named after the kami (Shinto god) Inari. Inari’s fox messengers are known to love fried tofu.

3. Nigiri Sushi / Nigirizushi
Japanese Sushi

Nigirizushi is one of the most loved types of sushi. This is sushi made with hand-pressed rice. Nigirizushi is a small mound made of rice and topped with fish. Eel and egg are often topped with nori (seaweed). Nigirizushi was first popularized during the Edo Period.

4. Gunkanmaki

The gunkanmaki is a type of Nigiri. It has a thick nori strip wrapped around its sides. This prevents toppings from falling out or spilling. Fish roe, uni (sea urchin), oysters, and other unsteady toppings are gunkanmaki.

5. Temari Sushi / Temarizushi

Temarizushi is another type of Nigiri. This is a casual dish that involves rolling the rice into a ball. These are simple to make at home and enjoyed on special occasions such as Halloween, Hinamatsuri, and Christmas. Their cute round shape can also be customized according to the holiday.

6. Norimaki

Norimaki is the ultimate sushi roll. These are small, tightly rolled cylinders made of rice with multiple fillings. They are wrapped in a nori sheet. The bamboo mat is used for rolling the rolls. Norimaki is a type of makizushi (rolled sushi), also called makimono.

7. Futomaki

Futomaki was first eaten in the Kansai area during the Setsubun Festival in the spring. Also, Futomaki can be filled with many fillings and look like giant norimaki. They are very popular in North America.

8. Hosomaki

Hosomaki is a smaller version of Norimaki. These are very simple and often only have one filling, usually rice. Hosomaki with only cucumber is called Kappamaki. They’re named after the Japanese water demons kappa. Another common hosomaki type is tekkamaki with raw tuna.

9. Temaki

Temaki is “hand roll.” It contains the ingredients, toppings, and rice in a makizushi sheet. This nori sheet looks a lot like a sushi cone. These are meant to be eaten with your hands, not chopsticks.

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