40 Interesting Sushi Facts

40 Interesting Sushi Facts

Did you know that sushi doesn’t actually refer to ‘raw fish? Contrary to popular belief, sushi is rice that has been seasoned in vinegar, sugar, and salt. What do you know about this Japanese delicacy? To help you improve your knowledge, here are 40 Sushi facts.

Sushi Facts For You

1. Sushi is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Bluefin Tuna Sushi, the most expensive Sushi anywhere in the world, is Bluefin Tuna Sushi.

3. Every day, the knives used in making Sushi are sharpened.

4. After ten years of training, a sushi chef can work in a Japanese Restaurant.

5. Angelito Araneta Jr, a Filipino chef, serves the most expensive sushi in the world.

6. Nearly 80% of bluefin tuna worldwide is used in sushi.

7. On January 4, 2011, in Tokyo, the highest price paid for sushi-grade bluefin tuna was $396,000

8. The sushi rice should be at room temperature before it is cooked.

9. Although sushi is traditionally served with your fingers, many people prefer to eat it with chopsticks.

10. On 18 June 2009, the first International Sushi Day took place.

11. It was forbidden for women to become sushi chefs because their warm hands could contaminate the quality and taste of the fish.

12. There are many types of sushi, including maki, temaki and uramaki.

13. Nigiri sushi should be prepared at a weight of 20-25g.

14. Soy sauce should only be used on the fish side of sushi nigiri.

15. To soften fishy odors and bring out the fish’s flavor, wasabi can be added to sushi.

16. You can also serve sushi in a bento box, which is a small container that holds the different dishes.

17. There is a possibility of infection in sushi made with raw fish, such as sashimi and other types of sushi.

18. 99.99 percent of sushi rice served in the United States is American-grown.

19. Sushi is a type of rice cooked with vinegar, salt and sugar and topped with other ingredients such as seafood or vegetables.

20. Japan considers it disrespectful to use soy sauce.

21. For the best sushi experience, Nigiri should be eaten upside-down

22. Frozen fish can often be “fresher than” fresh fish in sushi today.

23. Different pieces can be separated by green strips, called baran or Kiri-zasa, when they are placed on a tray.

24. It is a tradition to eat a whole Nigiri the first time you try it.

25. Sushi is high in protein and low in fat.

26. Makizushi has high levels of carbohydrates.

27. Green tea often served with sushi in Japan.

28. Mixing wasabi and soy sauce is a common practice in the west. However, it is rare to see this in Japan.

29. Nori is high in vitamins A, B-6, and C. It is also very low in calories.

30. Sushi is a popular way to use cucumbers, carrots, and avocado.

31. Sushi invented early 500 B.C.

32. Six different types of tuna are used in sushi rolls. These are se-kami (se-naka), se-shimo and hara–shimo.

33. Sushi can boost immunity.

34. Sushi can increase the production of red blood cells.

35. Futomaki, a popular variety of sushi in the United States, is available in variations that are named after their origin.

36. Sushi rice can also be called sumeshi or shari.

37. Sushi with darker colors is more flavorful.

38. Sushi Inc, Downtown St Petersburg, is second only to Japan in the world, is the place for the best sushi.

39. Umewaka Restaurant, Anjo City, serves the largest sushi roll in the world.

40. Oshizushi, also known as hakozushi, is a type of pressed sushi that comes from the Kansai area. It is a popular and speciality in Osaka.

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