Month: September 2022

Sushi St Petersburg

Sushi In St Petersburg For A Healthier Heart

Fish has been called “brain food” in the past. However, consuming sushi in St Petersburg two times per week is very helpful for maintaining and promoting a healthy heart. You see that fish is brain food and eating more of it could be one of your best health decisions. You’ll do your body a great …

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A Brief History Of Chopsticks

You’ve probably used chopsticks when you ate at Sushi Inc. in Downtown St Pete. Chopsticks are a fascinating part of American history, even though you might not have thought about it. We encourage you to continue reading if you are curious. This popular eating tool might give you a new appreciation.

Sushi Grade Fish Explained

Sushi Grade Fish Explained

Sushi shop owners need to take extra care in sourcing their sushi grade fish and other ingredients for sushi. This will help keep people trusting them. You may be wondering if sushi grade seafood is safe to eat raw. Continue reading to learn more about the meaning of “sushi grade” and which seafood is best …

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